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Learning Mandarin through Far Eastern arts courses

Learning Mandarin through Far Eastern arts courses

Learning Mandarin through Far Eastern arts coursesLearning Mandarin through Far Eastern arts coursesLearning Mandarin through Far Eastern arts courses

About Us


Who We Are

We not only hold various public events to celebrate Eastern Festivals, but also take an innovative approach to work with children and young people who may be either struggling to remain in mainstream education or have already been excluded due to social disadvantage and behavioural difficulties resulting from complex emotional challenges.

By using Art, Storytelling and the study of Culture (specifically Eastern and Western Cultures) we aim to give children and young people the opportunity of expressing themselves, resolving issues, developing self-confidence, reducing stress and learning to manage behaviour so that they can cope better with school.


Our Mission

To provide customised support and evidence to local schools, Youth Organisations and The Youth Offending Team in the form of workshops and opportunities for children and young people at risk of exclusion from school to engage with art and culture with the aim of improving self-confidence, coping skills, stress management and behaviour so that they can ultimately re-engage with education. 


The Difference We Can Make

Surveys by the Youth Justice Board report findings of a fundamental increase in the involvement in crime for young people who have been excluded from school, with more than 50% of prisoners having been excluded from school at some point during their education.

We can provide a support and intervention service to schools, other youth organisations and families with the aim of reducing the numbers of children who are excluded from school and increasing the numbers of children who return to full time education. 

Sign up to our new Creative Learning Combined Arts & Language Course.

Have you ever wanted to learn Far-eastern Arts and the Mandarin language but thought it would be too difficult?

Not anymore! 

We have integrated Asian Arts with Language learning for the best introduction to arts, culture and language.

On your course you will learn the ancient arts of papercutting and traditional ink painting, and calligraphy -- all combined with learning Mandarin at the same time in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.

We use “right side of the brain” drawing techniques (right side deals with visual processing) for optimum improvement in drawing ability. We also use creative learning to relax the mind and get it ready to absorb a fun introduction to writing and speaking Mandarin.

The course is suitable for beginners and all levels of ability. It’s great for those who wish to know more about Asian Arts, culture and the Mandarin language.

You'll receive a SiACA (Snowflake International Arts and Culture Achievement) certificate at the end of the course!